Move by Eddi Aguilar

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Move” by “Eddi Aguilar” is a release that offers a gentle yet intriguing musical ambiance, one within which you can look to feel slightly more laid back about the world and all of its problems.

The music is fairly minimalist at first, snippets of instrumentation and samples that you wouldn’t ordinarily find paired up in music, arrive in unison as if they were born to be together. There’s a weirdness and a touch of alternative to the completed composition, and there are certain climatic peaks that really draw your focus to the rising energy of both.

The rhythm offers the consistency, the thread throughout the release. The chords do the same, the retro sound of the keys, fused with the electronic vocal sound – which is simply another riff, presented as a change of scene, a development in the story line. The beat itself has a lot of character and this shows the whole thing to be something that is fairly instantly recognisable once you’ve heard it just once or twice.

The type of rap that “Eddi Aguilar” offers up has a lot to it that is fairly fresh sounding. He’s not simply mimicking other artists and is not particularly reminiscent of anyone else at all – which is great; that voice is his, everything from the tone, the mellow yet deep performance style, and even the slight hint of an accent, you know who you’re listening to. The flow of the rap performance is really easy to listen to, it adds to the summertime vibe created by the music and the chorus melody, and so the whole thing is very complete sounding – every element is united, working in the same direction, setting the same scene.

The hook is the main driving force behind the whole release. The rhythm and flow of it is something that comes in just enough times to make sure you know what you’ve experienced and you’ll remember it. That classic and even retro hip-hop vibe is something that is likely to appeal to fans of the genre who’ve become somewhat tired of the overuse of auto-tune and other such modern-day rap music techniques and effects; those that tend to overpower the actual essence and sentiment of the genre. Here the heart of the genre is maintained and celebrated, and this brings a definite sense of realness. Plus, those characters, that personality, it all shines more accessible and honestly in this kind of setting. The more you listen, the more familiar those voices become, and the sound has certain collective qualities that further the authenticity.