The World Is Burning Down by Eddi Aguilar 

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Eddi Aguilar is an artist who always shows his true colors. He is never afraid to show who he is. That is why his music is so real and venerable. Every word and lyric has truth and pain behind it. The World Is Burning Down” has the high octane energy of classic indie music.. As the track develops through, there’s slightly more of an alternative edge to the songwriting, and the contrast between the spacious verses and the heavier hooks makes for a full throttle, effective rock performance.

The chords and notes chosen throughout showcase an effective range that allows for a powerful contrast between the verse sections and the hook. The underlying aura of those selected makes for a fairly dark, yet the intriguing and unusual nature of the lyrics, as well as the brightness of the chorus, presents something much less intense. Again, this use of contrast works wonders. The song progresses and evolves in a number of ways, yet you never cease to feel that beat, that rhythm, that energy – the consistency of this draws strong connections with the essence of indie; the passion and power on loop – finding yourself caught in the moment and never having the music let you down.

The instrumental section that comes into play towards the latter half of the track adds an intense and satisfying moment of alternative authenticity. It allows the audience that space within which they can completely lose themselves, to the music and the weight of its expression. This, when surrounded by those alternating melodies, completes the scene and secures this as a go-to modern indie song. The sound is infectious and compelling, but there’s also plenty to listen out for that presents individuality and even poetic reflections on life. It’s not a song to simply fill the background to your life, though it works just fine in that setting. It’s one that you can look to for those insights and that understanding. Something that’s all too often missing from mainstream indie and alternative. Well worth a listen.

The professionalism is on point, and so is the creativity. Quite often artists or producers will have one or the other of these in place – or if it’s both, sometimes the result is a little more alternative or experimental sounding. In this case, there is definitely some experimentation to the soundscape, but the melody, the concept, and the overall layout of the track work in favor of this being an effective and compelling listening experience. And on top of all of this, that leading vocal just oozes effortless style and confidence – the tone and performance style are completely original and refreshing to listen to. Listen loud.

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