Block on Smash by Mac-G

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Mac-G is showing his colors again through this awesome piece of work “Block on Smash”. Having said that, this track is amazing and has one of the unique touches that you all can feel and see. 

There’s a notable amount of space within the music and vocals, something that we should appreciate. The effect of this is that you can really notice and appreciate each element that makes up the song – the leading vocal, the passion, the tone, the imagery, the riffs, the structure. The track is composed of numerous different sections, not necessarily conforming to the standard, expected, radio-worthy building blocks of mainstream music, and not needing to. Each part leads well into its follower, and all in all the arrangement makes for a thoroughly enjoyable and meaningful few minutes of music.

The key line is one that many people will already be familiar with as a common phrase, and so to give it a melody, in this case, is to add a great level of appeal. The song comes with optimistic energy, and the performance has a calmness to it that adds further to this amazing ambiance. 

The best way to enjoy the sound and get the most out of it is of course to let it play, let your concerns and the stresses of daily life wash away as the soundscape overwhelms you. However, as a reviewer, I’m compelled to comment on the fact that the reason this music is so effective, so brilliantly pristine, and easy to escape to, is that Mac-G has an absolute thirst and skill for capturing the perfect sounds for each passing moment during the creative process. 

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