Butterflies By Eddi Aguilar

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“Butterflies” by “Eddi Aguilar” is an incredibly stylish Indie Folk single with a fresh and spacious modern day twist. Eddi Aguilars’ performance offers the softness and emotion of a delicate yet experienced leading voice, and the way in which this particular song develops allows those qualities to really shine brightly.

The sheer high quality and creativity of this release is the sort that makes you wonder why you haven’t heard it before. Eddi Aguilar has a talent for writing, crafting songs, and performing. This release is undoubtedly the result of a multitude of talent fused with years of experience and an unstoppable passion for music. It’s a stunning release, completely fresh, exciting, impressive at every moment, structurally considerate and varied throughout so as to really keep you focused and involved in the moment. Everything from the beat to the ideas to the tone of the artist’s voice and the evolving performance style. “Butterflies” washes over you in precisely the ambient and unexpected manner its title implies. The calmness of the music is contrasted cleverly with the somewhat manic pace of the delivery – the whole thing becomes intense, slightly dark but playing effectively upon the confidence and character of the lyricism.

The song delicately embraces the topic in a way that simply plays out around you like any enjoyable folk or indie folk song should. The ambiance of the song is easy going, calming as ever – the sound of Eddi Aguilar ’s voice has a certain softness that is immediately soothing and also notably familiar once you’ve heard just a couple of her songs. The way this piece has been crafted presents those familiar, nostalgic ideas in a subtle and quite refreshing way. This whole thing simply offers something new – a new way to feel good and to celebrate and to remind yourself of the important things in life.

The musicality of the track has much more to it than the average pop beat tends to offer. The opening few moments showcase a fresh use of synths and sounds that seem new yet that effectively still represent the same simplicity when it comes to the chords and notes chosen for the signature riff. What works in the genre has been considered and given a modern day tweak so as to keep things exciting – reaching out for those audiences who love the sound and realness of indie folk, but presenting them then with something a little left of what’s expected.
The song’s hook is simple yet incredibly effective, the title and concept stand out and the melody sinks in very quickly. It’s a gorgeous release, a pleasure to hear something new from the artist and a welcome addition to the uplifting joy of such a wonderful time of year.