Captain Cloud’s New Serene Ambient Plethora

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Captain Cloud is the professional name of musician and composer, Yehia Mazen. The twenty five year-old Burlington, Ontario-based artist has been creating music since childhood. Originally from Cairo, Egypt he moved to Canada ten years ago with his family. Starting a new life halfway around the world was a difficult journey, but one that ultimately opened up a new world to the young artist. 

Coming to Canada was not easy. We all had to work to support each other. Music is a blessing to me. I simply want people to enjoy it as much as I enjoy playing. 

Yehia Mazen

Yehia has a deeply personal connection to his music. He is a completely self taught musician. Piano is his instrument of choice and he says it has been, “since birth.” Playing by ear, as a youth he reveled in the thrill of finding the notes and chords to his favorite songs. Now creating his own music, Captain Cloud finds those notes floating in the aether.

“Plethora” is Captain Cloud’s latest release. The instrumental ambient piece blends ocean sounds and broad atmospheric synths to create a lush soundscape. The sound of a nylon string guitar plucks a simple, soft and serene melody. As the song progresses, a mellow downtempo beat propels it forward. Meanwhile, various synths weave through one another in the periphery of the mix. It is a beautiful sound.

You can hear “Plethora” on the Deep Indie Chill playlist. Follow Captain Cloud on Spotify to dig further into his rich catalog of ambient sounds.

Captain Cloud on the Deep Indie Chill playlist

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