Catch a Vibe by Ato-Mik with Ana Santos x The Afrolution x Justin Vibylz

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Atom and Mikey Mic, joined forces to become Ato-Mik aka @atomikbros an independent Hip-Hop brother duo. Bringing their own unique spin on hip-hop to you from North Vancouver, Canada. “Catch a Vibe: is the latest release with a unique vibe to all the audience out there. It’s often quite easy to tell if an artist releases a Hip Hop-meets-RnB style track simply to draw in a certain type of audience, as opposed to just doing it because that’s the music they love – that’s the music that comes naturally to them.

“Catch a Vibe”emerges quite slowly, setting a peaceful ambiance, laying bare the artist’s leading voice in a soft and subtle way, bringing a touch of emotion and realness to the stage before the energy and speed of what follows comes into play. As the rest of the song begins to come through, the melody has something of a nineties R&B style, though as is often the case with Ato-Mik with Ana Santos’s vocal performances – there’s something incredibly unique about the sound. Their voices switch between the highs and the lows in a manner that’s pretty unusual. It has a stop and start nature to it, as opposed to presenting something that refuses to pause and insists on being heard within every single millisecond – as is sometimes the case with hip hop vocalists.

The song that follows is equally calming in its expression. The voice has something deeply honest and emotional about it; the sound is real, believable, genuine, all of which adds to how reliable it is in terms of being music to escape from the stresses of everyday life too. As the track progresses, the melody becomes more familiar, the simple sound of the click becomes more comforting, the organic nature of that as a beat adds to the minimal intricacies of the ambiance, and all in all everything works in unison to create something much bigger than the instruments imply.

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