Endure by Sofia Evangelina, Vancouver BC

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Breathy vocals and soulful melodies rise and fall throughout a bass-heavy soundscape for this seductive new single Endure  from Sofia Evangelina.

Sofia Evangelina is a growing RnB singer-songwriter, show-stopping player, a teenage girl from Canada. Sofia exceeds all prospects of such a young artist with a profusion of confidence, ‘powerhouse’ vocals, and a persona to match. Since her debut album, Sofia began on her rising trajectory to success with multiple major international honors to her name since the release of her debut album. 

Trifling frame, big voice, with an old soul and an urban spirit, Sofia relentlessly works on her brand and her craftsmanship of songwriting and performing.

Now expressed together with an award-winning production team, Sofia braces for the forthcoming releases of her ‘new epic material that Sofia hopes will deeply resonate with her audience and empower them. 

Progressing with a mellow pace, slowly but surely laying bare a rising passion from the increasing details and the vocal evolution from Yori, Secrets resolves unexpectedly at the halfway mark, with a suddenly hypnotic hook concept that lingers in your mind.

Following this, the music backs off a little, the easy groove returning and the vocal reverting to that yesteryear whisper for a nostalgic and genuinely emotional, relevant delivery.

Here’s a certain humility to the style of the song, nostalgia and freshly creative traits alike, combined with a shoulder-swaying and emotional core that seems to connect quickly. Gorgeous and faultlessly meandering vocals from Sofia help really elevate things. Nicely done.

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