Guide Me Jah by LINK&CHAIN

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Jamaica’s LINK&CHAIN combines delicacy with weight in an addictive and unique form for the aptly titled “Guide Me Jah,” beautifully merging the purity and melodic embrace with a swiftly invigorating, summertime reggae atmosphere and a captivating dance beat.

Link&Chain is a band of brothers who have been harmonizing and co-writing music for decades, dating back to their early days in Jamaica. The name was chosen because it is symbolic of their forefathers’ fight as well as the togetherness of InI coming together and holding together like links on a chain. The band formed as a trio in 1986 and still has three of its original members.

They launched “Ready” in early 2021, and the song garnered widespread worldwide press and radio airplay.

J. Poet of Rock N Roll Magazine described the band as “as good as any trio the island’s ever produced.” Oneil Griffiths, who joined the group in 2015, is the newest member. Their musical breakthrough eventually landed them with the All-Stars of Jamaican reggae groups and in magazines like Rock N Roll Magazine, Beat, and Pulse! Inspired by their Rastafari faith, they create their own distinct spiritual, danceable music to elevate, educate, and amuse.

“Guide Me Jah” skillfully straddles the line between unconstrained artistic expression and the mainstream building blocks that are known to create waves, fusing engaging music vibes with a contemporary finish that is as crisp and clear as the best of them. There are as many inventive sound-play moments as there are some that feel genuinely lost in the moment — appearing as if it were live, in-the-moment performance.

“Guide Me Jah” flows through with a charming realness, beginning with a swiftly uplifting reggae bounce and ending with a vocal and synth gentleness. It is an unmistakable and remarkable track for its natural qualities and the true sense of color and hopefulness it radiates, rather than an in-your-face or humorous effort at a catchy smash.

In a way, it’s addictive and catchy, resolving to a pleasing degree and always dazzling with its achingly honest vocal delivery. The tune retains the reggae groove at the forefront while also incorporating a passionate and refreshing burst of songwriting – with a beautiful twist to keep things fresh and engaging.

Link&Chain is a name we’re likely to hear a lot more from in the coming months, bringing both natural ability and professional competence to the scene.

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