Heaven Is In Hell by T-World (Feat. Char-Lee)

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Driving with heartfelt, wholesome intentions and a clear love for music in all of its forms, this new single from T-World offers engaging melodies, calming soundscapes, and lyrical optimism through and through. Bringing together contemporary rap tones and subtly catchy melodies, the songwriting tips its hat to the modern landscape, whereas the production takes more of a creatively free approach – combining organic layers of trap with a mildly vintage series of synths and industrial beats.  T-World is an independent hip hop artist from Gatineau/Ottawa, Canada. He writes his own songs, produces and plays the guitar too. Like many of us he too thinks of music as his happy place. He is a guy who had a rough past since he was diagnosed with Tourette’s Syndrome when he was 3.  He had a hard time making friends so he turned  his emotions and feelings into poems.  

This amazing soul used to follow  Shakespeare and he was fascinated  by the ability to hide the reality in written words .You need to read carefully between lines to understand the real meaning. And he thinks the issues he faced made him the creative artist he is now. He makes music to inspire people, to encourage and empower them, to give them the belief that they can do it and make the difference. T-World hopes to raise awareness about Tourette’s Syndrome so that others won’t have to face the hard time like he did. You can connect with him on social media to be a part of his journey and to enjoy some amazing music.

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