High on Pills on Zion Hill by Broot

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Attractively produced, with the vocal enjoying a heavy mix of the wet and dry signal, you focus on the lyrics of High on Pills on Zion Hill

Recording Artist Broot is from Haverhill, Ma, currently representing Rockingham/Hillsborough County. Broot is passionate about rap his entire life and always wanted to be a hip-hop artist. Broot put up several projects the past few years, but in 2020 began taking it seriously with complete mastering and production. Broot drops better and better rap and hip-hop singles at least once a month.

Listeners gravitate more towards the painful story-telling raps, but Broot’s witty pen and content keep them around.

Broot’s World, LLC 2021 | Record Label, Mixing & Mastering, Merchandise and Music for Broot

This spinning sound (blended with what might have once been a Rhodes tone) is set aside at arm’s length to arise, as is the rhythm section. Then, like someone opening the stage door, the boost drums and bass arrive in force to by the book welcome us into the track.

The intro experiments with phasing and slowing vocals create spot effects, and there are similar production tricks throughout, punctuating High on Pills on Zion Hill with interesting ear candy moments.

In the saturated music industry, anyone can make and release their art to the world. Indeed, there are some hidden gems of utter artistry out there. It’s challenging when you try to find a garden-fresh new Hip-Hop single such as High on Pills on Zion Hill that makes you fascinating.¬†Melodiously full to the brim, big beats are spilling out in all the suitable spaces, complete and undisguised angst, raw energy, bars that make it to the moon and back High on Pills on Zion Hill is possibly the best single you’ll download all year. And it’s marvelous.

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