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TDX IV pays tribute to the legends of yesteryear while presenting a hard-hitting piece of original music, driving with a strong sense of drama, imaginative sound-play, and a typically appealing rap style. “HOT N COLD” is intended to rekindle the hip-hop genre’s early enthusiasm.

TDX IV is a 21-year-old singer and songwriter, born in California and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. TDX IV has a knack for creating high-energy, melodic records that can be described as a splice between Punk Rock and Hip Hop, using the 808 drum as his driving force. 

TDX IV created his first song over a beat he made, and he planned to be a producer making multiple beats a day. He got good but had nobody to rap over them, so he wrote and recorded “No Jest.” After hearing his voice over a beat for the first time, he decided recording was what was meant for him. 

TDX IV then recorded and released a new single every day, recorded on an Xbox mic before releasing his first mixtape titled “Death Of An Xbox Nigga”. After he released his second mixtape, “200 Days,” featuring his biggest song to date, “COKE,” accumulating over 250K streams. At that point, TDX IV knew this was for him and continued to evolve his sound in hopes of being a voice for his supporters like his favorite artists did for him.

With this track by artist/rapper and composer TDX IV, upfront vocals and creative bar structuring help inject a new level of intention into the alternative hip hop scene.

“HOT N COLD” begins as a straightforward look at being the outcast before moving into a more confident gear switch in which more of the artist’s own tale flows through, displaying a subtle balance between pure intensity and recognizable word-play and set-up.

Riding behind an irresistible yet straightforward beat, with a vintage, nostalgic musical back-drop and immediately identifiable riff, TDX IV’s voice reaches out from a humble spot within the mix – not bathed in effects, not drenched in loudness to capture attention.

The intensity rises as a result of changing passion in the voice, changes in the flow, and a shift from direct-drive and determination to references to a more laid-back love of the process and the good times.

It’s not simple music or phrasing, but the lyrical and conceptual quality is incredibly refreshing right now. It’s definitely worth a few listens.