interlude II by acidxwash

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Creativity at work, the sound of surprisingly merged Hip-hop/Pop genres emerging as instantly pleasant, engaging, and stunning — acidxwash brings up a single of just these qualities, entitled “interlude II.”

acidxwash is based in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, and started his music journey near Springfield, MO, where he began writing songs after school and played saxophone and baritone in a band at 12 years old. His goal is to make listeners feel understood through his music, whether through his slow interludes or his hard-hitting freestyle tracks.

We get a soundscape and hook right away that draws you in — a smooth bounce of a beat, crystal clear production, and a soulful vocal that provides a seductive and unforgettable tune in a catchy yet peaceful, summer-anthem sort of way.

Right now, “interlude II” is an entirely refreshing listen. This music is everything the title promises and then some, driving with completely compelling lyrics that keep you hanging on for every bar and thought.

acidxwash from Wisconsin combines hip-hop melodies with contemporary pop vocals, everything that the modern sound entails, and tops it off with a notably exceptional, unique-toned vocal style that heavily influences the verses. And that’s only one more single — there are many more to come.

acidxwash’s vocals sound different here — raspy and carefree, yet confident and hot-blooded. It also flows through a few well-placed flows, each of which works in tandem with the underlying structure and progression of a decidedly aesthetic and entertaining soundscape.

“Interlude II” continues on the anthem-like road with a straightforward, cutting melody and a soundscape riff that’s similarly easy to identify. Vocal sound-play allows a few various flows and tones to combine to create a level of dramatic performance that emphasizes the theme really well.