Litty by Yung Heff

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Litty, Yung Heff’s just released brand new single, creates a stir with its epic tale and dreamy ambiance, all unified by that distinct vocal depth and grit that is the Yung Heff voice.

Yung Heff is a singer/songwriter from Canada. He was born and reared in the city of Ottawa, Ontario. Because his father is a DJ, the 24-year-old performer has been interested in music since he was a child. Music runs in Heff’s blood, as he has multiple family members who work in the music industry. For more than five years, the young musician has been performing in genres ranging from hard rap to R&B to dancehall. As he writes his own songs and creates the narratives for his videos, his music represents his actual personality. Throughout his quest, he has had the help of his invaluable team, 513ent. Heff is now a maestro of genres, including R&B and hip hop. He shifts back and forth among the two, including dancehall into his art to highlight his Jamaican heritage. He is not shy about including graphics to complement his work. So far in 2020, he has released four tracks and an EP, and he is actively working on additional visuals as well as potential collaborations. He also performs live events in several cities to showcase his talent.

Litty exposes a very contemplative artist with a true writing style – daring in his expression of sensitivity and commitment to faith – far more than just engaging for its musical characteristics, which ring loud and proud in a gentle way amidst a somewhat loud and quirky current milieu.

Litty merges rap and melody in an anthem-like style, keeping things new yet basic – short lines that are quick to connect – with somewhat retro layers of melody and a furious bassline and beat. Always that personality stands out – the voice, the image, the intentions, and the casual approach to modern music, untouched by the scene, forging his own path.

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