Lust by ReaL1Ne

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On this latest release from hip hop’s ReaL1Ne, a beautiful throwback beat meets a uniquely raspy and rhythmic vocal. Lust’s soundscape, in particular, engages you from the start. The crisp and clear finish works nicely with the classic elements and layers that transport you back in time.

ReaL1Ne is a rising star in the music industry who hails from the state of Washington and is quickly gaining recognition. He is a multi-talented young gem who primarily focuses on hip-hop and rap music productions. Lust is the title of his most recent track.

Lust is over and done in less than two and a half minutes, but the single hits hard enough to prompt a return visit almost immediately. That bass-EDM start now appeals for its familiarity, and with the consistent lyrical presentation, you’re significantly more likely to follow every bar along closely this time. ReaL1Ne, the artist, skillfully combines poetic insights and personal observations in an enthralling and captivating way.

There’s a professional finish to the whole thing. Lust pours through with equal parts dynamic and quick familiarity – the hook settles in, as does the artist’s style, and musically there’s a fair amount to appreciate and which separates this from the majority of recent releases. Lightness is a big part of that, things can be upbeat without falling heavy or pushing for insanely fast tempos, and ReaL1Ne is an entertainer who effectively pays tribute to that. Lust is a tour of modern hip hop that stays true to the genre’s natural rhythm and flow. If you like laid-back feelings and creative freedom, this is an easy one to enjoy.

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