Lust by ReaL1Ne

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ReaL1Ne is a talented hip-hop and rap artist that is making a huge impact. Laid back, effortlessly cool, and with dancing vibes, ReaL1Ne bring you The Lust, a new hip hop single on Spotify. They have succeeded in producing another excellent piece of music, again showing us a promising future.

Initially starts with a mellow beat and tunes, The “Lust” progresses with the vocals. The energizing music takes you to dance.  Filled with hip hop singing and rapping parts to complement the singing vocals, The Lust  trick the listener impressing both hip hop fans and rap fans.

Running along almost two and a half minutes, The Lust takes the listener into a euphoric state that will make the listener sweat a lot within that time. Excellent addition to our summer vibe collection.

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