Mizuhime by K Joshua Moreno

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Joshua Moreno is house / electronic artiste & producer from one of twin islands in the Caribbean called, “Trinidad & Tobago”. He also recently founded my independent radio show, “Luscious Vibrations” (which is also based in Trinidad & Tobago).

Throughout his young adolescence growing up, music has always been a major part of it. He is an inspiration to go further into the music world roughly began around my high school years after I participated in several talent shows. As time progressed and the music industry began to rapidly expand its contents of genres and artists, I developed an interest becoming a Disc Jockey. He performed several local gigs at bars and small night clubs before producing my first house track “Inception” which was released by Immersed in early 2020.

His production style can be considered melodic and emotionally provocative. The use of atmospheric elements and nature are key components in productions.He is currently focused House genre and has a catalog of 3 Original EPs, 2 Original Singles, and 1 Remix.

Today we are featuring his single, “Mizuhime” which is available on Spotify. I hope you all enjoy the track.

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Email: [email protected]
Telephone: +1-868-315-2330

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