OnlyFans by T-World

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OnlyFans showcases a talented vocalist and rapper with a fairly unique sound. The track itself takes a little bit from the classic r&b sound, the mellow vibe, a slight vintage and fuses it with an incredibly energetic rap performance. Since this track has a smooth vibe to it with its beat and the melody many hip hop fans will be able to enjoy it. The laid back and calming sound of the musical backdrop contrasts notably with the high energy of the rap vocal. Similarly, the chorus, or hook section, beautifully and stylishly sung, also has a very easy going and chilled out nature to it. The whole track throws out a few different ideas and the energy switches several times during just a few minutes. 

The structure of the piece as well is particularly unusual. T-World is a talented and brave  hip hop artist from Canada. With this track he openly  talks about the prostitution on onlyfans. So this may not be  the favourite song for those who are targeted and benefiting from that social issue , but for everyone else it’s a real eye opener. T-World gives more than his 100% in this track to make the message loud and clear to anyone who listens . With this amazing song he aims to emphasize the importance of self-respect and dignity. 

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