Pawns & Giants by Yorel

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Yorel, is an artist from Queens NY. In 2006 he released the album “Redemption”. Before the prevalence of online marketing ever took root, he took his message to the streets and traveled the world selling his album hand to hand. Impacting every major city in the US and Europe, the hustling nomad touched many lives to the point of tears with his story of pain & triumph surrounding the event of losing his uncle Leroy Homer, co-pilot of United 93 on 9/11.

Buzz filled the atmosphere when he appeared on one of DJ Envy’s mixtapes and his global audience continued to grow… yet his fan base would yearn for more music that could never be found… in the comment sections under his music you find fans searching, wondering what happened to the hit rapper most have never heard about, an underground artists who’s hits most had never heard.

Most didn’t know what they were buying when they met him, a hustler selling CDs on the streets, but his music was a seed that would find lots of good soil, yet never found water. Realizing the darkness that pervaded the music industry, Yorel pulled away never planned on releasing another album. His thirsty crowd couldn’t find him, his phantom mystique absent from the publicity of major labels, he became known as “The Exile Child”.

Today we are featuring “Pawns & Giants” which is available on Spotify. I hope you all enjoy the track.

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