Playa by T-World

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Emerging not only with a commendable, inspiring intention, but a likable persona, and a blissfully mellow, deeply emotive and honest style, T-World is quick to impress on this single. Balancing an increasingly likable beat – one that’s notably more spacious, chilled out and optimistic than most hip hop offerings of late – with a story-line that leans back and forth between well-known colloquialisms and personal depth, Playa hits with a little more impact each time you revisit it. T-World is a young independent artist from Canada. He is a talented and creative soul who writes, sings and produces his own music while being a guitarist. So you can imagine his passion for music. 

With him suffering from Tourette’s Syndrome since he was 3 years his early life was difficult and a lonely one. Music was his happy place and he started to write his emotions and feelings as poems first which became the lyrics of his music later. T-World is brilliantly honest and open about his life and his feelings.  He wants to bring awareness to Tourette’s Syndrome and be a help to anyone who is facing issues in their life. Though his topics are serious and deep he manages to wrap them with some energetic and enjoyable positive music. Reggae-Rap, Hip-Hop, Rap, RnB are his preferred genres though he mixes and matches from basically anything as it fits. With Playa, he brings the perfect music for the summer with beach vibes and is the kind of music that makes you want to dance on the beach at sunset.

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