Rent Free by Villin

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Villin drives with vocal energy and intelligent, rapid yet intentional bars throughout a fascinating and classic hip hop song called Rent Free, which is brilliant in image and style yet crisp and excellent in content and overall production.

Villin, from East Miramar, Florida, has a sound that is genuine to the culture of South Florida. Villin recounts the struggles of reconciling a hedonistic lifestyle, a mind at ease from competing relationships, and an upcoming job. On his first two mixtapes, “The Next One” and “I’m On My Own Shit,” the Florida native moves from a chill, almost melancholy vibe to an energetic, realized mindset. “Disembodied Thoughts,” the first tape’s highlight, depicts him striving to find a spot between two universes while avoiding treachery. 

From the cocoon of doubt to a fulfilled feeling of purpose, “P.O.P.” blocks out and races through anyone’s bad intentions against him and his ambition of being great. This is Villin’s debut multi-platform release, and his sound is becoming as sharp as a newly forged razor. His discography, albeit young, shows he is swiftly catching on and aiming for the next level in his career, both musically and spiritually.

Weave in some modern references and more character qualities throughout the mix; Villin effortlessly blends the moment’s sound with a defiant edge of individuality that stands tall throughout his music.

In some ways, the lyrical outpouring has the sense of a diary entry: honest and hesitant, with a particular story at its center and just enough casual modern references to fit all of the moment’s requirements.

Rent Free” proves a quick but unforgettable hit of confidence and flair, completing out the entire song in a manner that leaves you eager to re-listen in full, despite being refreshingly unedited vocally yet still in step with the modern sound of hip hop.

Villin injects a new level of vitality and strength into the present hip-hop/rap scene with his distinct sense of individuality and daring expression. At the same time, Rent Free is fashionable and timely, original and well-rooted.

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