Secrets by Yung Heff

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Touching vocals and warm making meet with catchy yet charming melodies as Yung Heff introduces his brand new single, Secrets 

Yung Heff is a Canadian-centered singer/songwriter. He was born and upraised in Ottawa, Ontario. The 24-year-old performer has had a passion for music since he was a youth, as his father is a DJ. Music is in Heff’s lifeblood as he has many family members in the music trade. The fledgling artist has been recording for 5+ years from genres stretching from hard rap to R&B to dancehall. His composition is an expression of his true self as he crafts his own lyrics and creates the scenarios of his videos. Throughout his voyage, he has been supported by his treasured team, 513ent. Heff now masters in genres like R&B and hip hop. He swaps between the two and unites dancehall into his art to climax his Jamaican roots. He does not fall short of mixing visuals to compliment his work. 2020 alone, he released four singles and an EP so far and is currently releasing more visuals and imminent collaborations. Additionally, he expresses his talent through live shows in different cities.

Highlighting a simple, expansive, and creative beat, tripped up and stop-start yet ample with the soft keys and hiss of yesteryear, Secrets feels timeless yet existing as it brings through a twisting vocal of melody intermittently.

Production-wise there’s amply of space, the concept is humble, easy-going and fun, flippant of more significant issues, and everything from the lyrics to the character to the discreet set-up reflects this laid-back ease.

Smooth and quietly confident, courageous melodies and an overall addictive trench that pleads for you to listen more than once.Fascinatingly honest yet also imposing in terms of its production and the artistic freedom drilled all over, Secrets is an engaging and refreshing new single. I’ll be keen to hear where else the music takes Yung Heff and what other themes will come to light in the process.

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