Should I stay, Should I go? by LaWanda Lee

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LaWanda Lee presents every bit of style and skill as his previous releases, though in this case the song comes with a distinctly meaningful and quite striking underlying concept and story line. The music itself is blissfully ambient – a few gentle riffs make up the signature soundscape in a subtle yet memorable way. This musicality lays the foundation well for the reflective lyricism and emotion that follows. There’s a lot of space on this record, the vibe is light and atmospheric – laying bare certain ideas and really keeping your focus on the thoughts within, as well as allowing you that room and that time to consider and understand it all.

 As usual LaWanda Lee amazed us with her killer voice. She is an RnB artist from Inkster, MI. Through her voice she gives meaning to her songs which  helps her to connect with her audience in a deeper way. That’s why she has a  loyal fan base that is growing rapidly. The track brings the classic good vibes and impressive writing that audiences will have come to expect from Zee, and all the while it offers something completely unexpected and deep.

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