Stay The Night by Hustle Game Savage

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Mellow tones and rhythmic beats can move you in a rhythm, “Stay The Night” is something over the moon for hip hop and RnB lovers. “Stay The Night” by Hustle Game Savage is both hip hop and RnB style song expecting to hit the charts.

Hustle Game Savage is a North Carolina-born hip-hop singer, songwriter, and recording artist currently residing in Savannah, GA. He began his music career writing poetry in middle school at the age of 12. He wrote his first song at the age of 17 and recorded his first studio recording at the age of 21. The first recording that created buzz for him was called “Stand Up,” which gave him some notoriety, and Savage was invited to perform at a showcase hosted by North Carolina’s own 99.1 and 104.5.

When he was on the way to his music career’s success, he had major problems in life, making him live in the streets for seven years and 3 years in prison. While in prison, he wrote more than 200 songs and still writing them for pleasure. He is planning to release these songs one by one every month.

The song starts with a euphonious piano tone with some synths to support the music. Savage starts singing soon after the song begins with a mellow voice. The computerized beat starts after 30 seconds, and his voice intensifies with the beat. Overall the music runs on a gentle beat which can keep you in a calm state. Savage’s vocals are amicable, confident, and straight. The lyrics are flawless and charming. He definitely has a thing for music and songwriting in his blood.

Listen to “Stay The Night” on Spotify. Follow Hustle Game Savage on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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