Take me To The River by Eddi Aguilar

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“Eddi Aguilar” returns with the realness and style to remind you what hip-hop can really be – the poetry, the creativity, the ambiance, the energy. Take me To The River” features a beautifully atmospheric musical backdrop, one which lightly raises the artist’s smooth and focused rap vocal performance to the point that each and every one of his lyrics hits with strength and meaning.

The mellow nature of the music contrasts slightly with the underlying realness – the chords chosen, the melodic vocal part running consistently in the backdrop – it all has a slightly serious mood to it; not haunting, but the sort that reaches out to your soul and seeks genuine connection. The development of the music and the performance brings about a touch of the classic hip hop sound, the final few moments focusing on the melody and that key idea, that concept and title. It’s a supremely well built piece of music and writing that pours out through your speakers or headphones as if it were the day’s prayer. The story line, however, is very personal, and despite the way it may make you feel as a listener, the experiences and character that come through are true to the artist and hold a certain connection and weight with him, ultimately adding an undeniably human element of authenticity.

The title track is a pretty effective representation of the energy. The music has the brightness and character of a powerful soundscape in itself, then on top of this you get these varied, collective vocal performances, each and every one of which is glowing with unwavering passion and soul and integrity. The music is uplifting, as are the performances – even without language you can feel the urgency and inspiration in the sound. Then when you do pay attention to those words, of which there are so many, there appears an abundance of ideas to consider and reflect upon.

The whole tone of the track and the performances keeps things mellow and the lyrics themselves wonder about the switch from the dreamworld to reality, only ever in a relaxed and carefree manner. The contrast between the voices is notable yet not overbearing, still maintaining that underlying energy. There’s plenty of potential, and the free-style sound, if it’s an accurate representation, is a great way to keep on building those lyrical mountains and therefore locating the fire or the gold that lies within the creative output. The track offers the good vibes that classic hip-hop was often about.