The Griot Side Singles (Lockdown Party) [Angel With No Wings]

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Star Wizdom is an up and coming Afro-Portuguese artist but living in London, UK. The aspiring Hip-Hop and R&B star have been dropping a steady stream of new music. In that time he has amassed an impressive catalogue. His streaming stats are equally impressive. The talented young artist has achieved numbers usually reserved for major label acts. He is a mental health survivor who has struggled with psychosis. But now he has recovered and following his passion in music while aiming high for the future with positive, uplifting music.

His new album is called “Gods and Griots ( The God side )” Each of his tracks on spotify counts its plays in the tens of thousands. He has recently distributed his songs to all other major streaming platforms. The fact that he has achieved all of this in only in a short time is remarkable. Also, we would like to feature his new singles “The Griot Side Singles (Lockdown Party) [Angel With No Wings]” which is available is Spotify. Hope you all enjoy

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Instagram – Starwizdom_ on Instagram

Email –  [email protected]

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