The Zone by AxVoid

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AxVoid introduces his latest track, The Zone, with an aptly other-worldly core that combines cinematic detailing with a conceptual intention and a heavy, immersive musicality.

AxVoid is an Australian rapper and producer known for his psychedelic lyrics and out-of-the-box beats. He is a well-known Australian artist who primarily records experimental hip hop, trap, and drill.

According to AxVoid,  He could name his influences, but there are just too many. So nowadays, he is just getting through the lockdowns by throwing paint at the canvas and having some fun with it.

The single has a partly tribal refrain of voices supporting a surprisingly retro, synth-soaked ambiance that continues to rise in intensity and energy throughout, making excellent use of unique experimental layers and fragments of voice and instruments.

Throw in a completely unpredictable experimental bass layer, some distant lyrical concepts, and clever use of space and quiet for contrast, and soon enough, listeners are wholly exposed to the artistic freedom and expression of AxVoid in a bold and memorable way.

With his new single, AxVoid undoubtedly brings a level of creativity to the scene that is very refreshing. The Zone set the mood with vocal theatre and intricate sound-design, before evolving into a genuinely impressive hip hop and RnB realm with a uniquely weighty, electric, bass-driven soundscape.

It’s well-crafted and far from a one-trick pony. The single also features an extraordinarily modern and additional depth of thought illuminated in a whole new way.

Great production, consistently intriguing sound design, and an artist uninhibited by expectations or industry standards. A brief yet engaging track. It’s also well worth listening to.

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