Wondrous by Ihateyoujonny

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Ihateyoujonny is one of the most diversified artist to entangle his experiences as a rapper, drummer, guitarist, producer, and engineer while working on any project. This is the second time we are featuring him. Check out his track “Wondrous” on Spotify.

Here things take a more Lo-fi, late-night kind of vibe. Still the style is very much consistent with the uninhibited creativity of Ihateyoujonny. The voice is familiar, recognisable and shows the artistic energy of the music in a consistently impressive way. The result is eclecticism, but with threads of definitive identity.

An artist seemingly lightyears ahead of many of his peers regarding everything from musicality to flow to lyrical framing and conceptualisation. It is never boring – far from it.

Check out Ihateyoujonny on Twitter & Instagram or visit her Website.

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